PointsPrize Review 2018: Scam or Legit

WHAT IS PointsPrize?


PointsPrizes is one of the most excellent GPT website that you can find. Here you get paid with points by completing a lot of different offers that the website offers you.

Prizes can be claimed through Paypal, Bitcoin, Codes, Gifts, Gift voucher and Cryptocurrency Wallet when you reach a minimum of 3,000 points which is equivalent to $20.

The website is very user friendly, with a professional design, and a lot of offers that made your time here a good invert.

Some of the offers you can find here consist in:

  • Surveys
  • Platforms registrations
  • Daily poll
  • Play web games (you get paid per which level you reach)

If you have a mobile device, there is an App that gives you access to watch video ads that pay you.

There is also a powerful referral program that burst your profits with a 10% of all of your referrals incoming. They also have guides of how to use this tool and more in their website forums which is a cooperative community.

As if it were not enough, you can claim rewards from free coupons that some users share with the community to help others grow up.



(I just started using PointsPrize today (August 17,2018) and I acquired 614 points within 4 Hours.)

In the Dashboard you will be able to view your current Earned Points, Referral Points, Spent Points and Chargebacks!

You can also track how close you are to the GOAL you want to get. If you want the Paypal Payments, you can see close are you to achieving that money goal.

Your referral link can also be viewed in your dashboard.


You can also track the points you get from your Earned Points and Referral Points in a Draft Form to be able to distinguish where you get most of your points.

EARN POINTS                   


You can earn points in different ways in PointsPrize. These includes:

  1. Completing Surveyssurveyshh.jpg

  2. Answering Tests and Quizzestop wannads.jpg

  3. Playing Gamesplay games2play games.jpg

  4. Watching Video Adsvid ad.png

Answering Daily Pollspoll.png

Always remember the four (4) ways to earn points in PointsPrize:

  • Offer Points– You get these by completing offers such as surveys or submitting your email for something.
  • Referral Points– You get these for referring new members to the site.
  • Bonus Points– These are earned during the beginning just for attempting to complete offers.
  • Coupon Points– You can earn some extra points in the beginning by finding coupons.

Create an Account NOW to Get FREE 40 Coupon Codes worth 25-300 Points per Code!



You can claim your Prizes directly to you:

  1. Paypal Address
  2. Payoneer Email Address (SOON)
  3. Bitcoin Wallet Address – if you don’t have a Bitcoin Wallet yet, you can instantly have YOUR OWN BITCOIN WALLET using Coins.ph
  4. Account Email Address

Prizes includes:


claim prize3claim prize1claim prize4claim prizeclaim prize2claim prize7claim prize6claim prize5claim prize9

Verdict: LEGIT (?)

According to NetBusinessRating, PointsPrize ranks as the 7th GPT widely used by internet people. It received a 4.7 stars approval as being legit.

I also found a Proof of Payment that PointsPrize really does pay it’s members.

payment proof.jpg

However, I know that it’s still not enough that’s why I have put a question mark (?) beside the LEGIT word because I, myself, haven’t really yet withdraw any amount in my PointsPrize Account since I just started. So, as a promise to all of you my readers, after I reach the minimum 3,000 points in PointPrize, I will immediately withdraw it in my Paypal account and I WILL DEFINITELY UPDATE HERE IF I REALLY RECEIVED IT OR NOT.

For now, you can join me by creating your own account in PointsPrize and let’s discover together if it’s really LEGIT or SCAM.

Hope this post helped you! Thank you for reading!





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